Cable Company Door-to-door Sales License Goes Statewide

This is a story I did for WFIU/WTIU on August 5, 2013. For the full site, go to:…tewide-53630/

Before this legislative session, a cable TV company would have to get a license from each and every city where it wanted to market its services door-to-door. Under the newly-passed bill, cable providers can now register once — with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission. IURC spokesperson Natalie Derrickson says that way, the company gets a statewide, door-to-door sales license.

“But the benefit for residents and people in the town is that once companies register with us they’ll be able to go to our website and see who is registered and see which individuals should be walking around town,” Derrickson said.

Cable companies are still required to abide by individual cities’ solicitation rules, such as the time of day and year that they are allowed to sell their merchandise.

Some cities will need to update their solicitation ordinances in response to the law, including Columbus and Bloomington. Bloomington Assistant City Attorney Patty Mulvihill says the state law supersedes local ordinances until cities can amend them.

“So in terms of those specific types of door-to-door salespeople they don’t have to apply for a license from the city of Bloomington anymore, they are essentially exempt from state law,” Mulvihill said.

Cities such as Columbus are currently working on updating their solicitation ordinance to incorporate the new state law, although a date for approval has not been set.

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